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Audio Mixing Around Unity

Audio faders (or volume sliders) are meant to work around the 0db mark because they are designed to adjust volume in a logarithmic scale.
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Around 0db – also known as unity or "U" – you have the ability to move the volume slider up or down for very slight and precise adjustments.

On the other hand, if you're lower down or farther up from 0db on the slider scale, making a small adjustment will result in a larger change. This is not what you want, especially during a live performance. You want your volume adjustments to be consistent and predictable for a pleasant audio experience for your guests.
Why the Logarithmic Design?
The way humans perceive loudness is not linear. So how do we hear then? You probably guessed it: We perceive sound logarithmically.

The science and mathematics behind volume slider design isn't important for general purposes. All you need to understand is that you'll save yourself a lot of headaches (literally) if you get in a rhythm of mixing around Unity.

It's around Unity that your live audio engineering will produce a pleasant audio experience for all of your clients and their guests.